prepackaged pre‧pack‧aged [ˌpriːˈpækɪdʒd◂] also pre-packaged adjective
1. if a product is prepackaged, it is prepared and wrapped before it is sold:

• Imperial Foods Inc. operates a prepackaged sandwich and vending business.

• prepackaged software

2. FINANCE LAW a prepackaged arrangement for a company in financial difficulty has been agreed to by creditor S (= people and organizations to whom it owes money) before the company goes to a bankruptcy court. Prepackaged arrangements are used so that creditors can be paid, or so that the company can continue in another form, more quickly:

• The company can seek bankruptcy court approval for a prepackaged reorganization plan if it receives approval from at least half of the bondholders.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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